About Us

KetoBites is founded by Yael Sasson, a certified paediatric Occupational Therapist, an entrepreneur and a Keto Coach. Yael, originally from Israel, made her home in Singapore for the past 20 years ago.

A mother of two energetic boys, Yael is passionate about baking and advocates healthy and clean eating, especially since she and her family have personally experienced transformative changes through the Keto diet. Her mission is to help individuals and families form healthy eating habits, guide them through their Keto journey and empower them to lead a healthy and meaningful life.

Yael’s first learned about the Keto Diet when she was working with children with epilepsy (seizures) as an Yael is also the founder and Director of Dynamics Therapy Group. A love for children and a strong desire to provide high-quality specialised care for children with special learning needs has led her to set up the company in 2005. Dynamics provides a diverse range of personalised, accessible and holistic evidence-based therapies and interventions to children and adults, which include Speech-Language Therapy, Occupational TherapyCounselling and Psychotherapy and Physiotherapy, among others. Dynamics also provides education services, such as Educational Therapy, Applied Behaviour Analysis Programmes and Early Intervention Programmes, including Dynamics International School, which offers both mainstream and special education curricula for children with learning needs and/or who benefit from different types of instructions.

These essential services are provided by Dynamics’ in-house multidisciplinary team of experienced healthcare and educational professionals.

Yael’s first encounter with the Ketogenic Diet was in her work as an occupational therapist with children who suffer from epilepsy (seizures) and were put on the Ketogenic diet. These kids has shown significant improvements in their seizures patterns and this has inspired Yael to explore this even more.